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Take the first step.

The above drawing changed my life.

The artist, Nadia Ackerman, had no idea the impact she would have when she created it nor when she put the piece up for sale in her tiny Holiday boutique in NYC in 2014. Neither did I realize how much I needed its message until I happened upon it in that tiny booth and burst into tears upon seeing it.

I had been ruminating making some serious life changes for months (years) before that moment. But there was always a reason not to - the security of a full-time salary, the insecurity of not knowing what was next, the parade of negative self-talk and doubt that played endlessly in my brain and in my heart - all these things and more kept me from making the changes that were necessary to go from merely existing to living again.

It became clear in the instant I saw this drawing. Take the first step and leave all the madness behind. Take the first step without worry and fear - there will always be ground beneath you to catch your fall; whether they are your footfalls as you propel yourself forward or your entire body if you massively screw up. Success or failure, it didn't matter, the only thing that was required of me was to TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

As the new year begins many of us have things we want to accomplish, change, implement or impact. So my message today is simply this - take the first step. You never know where it will lead you.

If you want to see more of Nadia's work please visit her store in Dumbo, Brooklyn or her website

Wishing everyone a healthy and joyful 2016!

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